Success Stories

Here's what our clients are saying about our weather forecast services...


Lambert-St. Louis International Airport:

Thanks to you, our confidence in the weather forecasts we receive has allowed us to schedule our work crews much more efficiently. I don't have to tell you that calling up a snow crew hours in advance, or worse, calling them in late, costs the airport and airlines thousands of dollars. The savings that we have realized year round have paid for your services easily.”Bill Korte


The City of Omaha:

Weather or Not has been a tremendous asset to the City of Omaha. The precision of their forecasts not only gives me better timing of weather events but also more insight as to the specific parts of the City most impacted. The personalized 24 hour weather alerts have been invaluable, allowing me to change our operation to match changing weather events. Weather or Not has meant a big savings in overtime and material costs.”Fred Thole


Olathe Parks & Recreation:

The weather updates are invaluable and make us better prepared to make cancellation decisions about City–related special events, outdoor and indoor activities.”Brad Clay


The City of St. Louis:

We needed 3 hours of dry weather to continue a Chip n Seal project. Weather or Not stressed it was raining just south of the airport, but looked like we had a good shot at staying dry. I needed an hour notice to stop applying material. Weather or Not talked me through the next three hours as I fended off many calls from my Superintendent and foreman to stop work. We successfully completed the project and gained a half day of production worth $5,000 and saved a day of inconveniencing the citizens.”Todd Waeltermann


Clarkson Construction Company:

On a large Saturday night bridge removal project that involved $10,000 an hour in damages, the sky looked bad and we couldn't tell from the radar what the weather was going to do. Sara told us we had a six-hour window so we worked and got it done just before the storm came in. That saved us a lot of money.”Bob Fry


The City of Columbia:

We can count on pager and phone contact from your organization to keep us prepared for coming weather events. This service is invaluable to the efficiency of our operations and we rely on your company's excellent service to enhance our emergency response.”John Glascock


The City of Overland Park:

The greatest feature about Weather or Not is the fact that we do not have to “pull” weather forecast information. The service is outstanding and the staff always “pushes” specific weather information for the City during critical times. In a highly unpredictable business, Weather or Not's service has allowed us to make decisions that save us money in labor and equipment without diminishing our service mission. It pays for itself every year!”Bill Ebel