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Since 1986, Weather or Not has been providing weather forecasting services to a wide range of industries and individuals. From one person snow removal and landscaping services to major airports and large scale highway construction projects, we've helped scores of companies by delivering the right information, when, where and how it's needed.

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Constructionback to top

Key Problem: Inclement weather can ruin or delay a project, taking a toll on your company's bottom line. How can you prevent costly repours, unnecessary shut downs and reduce time spent analyzing radar and comparing weather forecasts?

A+ Weather Solution: We deliver critical Weather Alerts with detailed information such as precipitation amounts and intensity as well as start and end times to help you make the right decisions for each job site.

Result: Know the weather before it happens. Consult with our A+ Weather Team for increased lead times, granting you the ability to make informed decisions, increase productivity and maximize profits.

Public Worksback to top

Key Problem: Knowing when to pre–treat or send the plows out often means the difference between safe roads and dangerous driving conditions. Who has a proven record of helping you manage your crews and materials around the clock throughout each season?

A+ Weather Solution: Our accurate forecasts and A+ Weather Alerts provide precipitation intensity and accumulations so you can make the best decision about how to treat your roads. With Weather or Not's consulting service, confer with our meteorologists 24/7 regarding how the weather will affect your specific location.

Result: Saving lives and saving money are your main priorities. Let our experienced weather consultants help you stay within budget and enhance public safety.

Parks & Recreation/Golf Coursesback to top

Key Problem: A full day's schedule of activities are in jeopardy of cancellation. Is the day a total loss? What events will you be able to finish, and what will need to be postponed? With important decisions looming, how can you manage clientele and staff while keeping an eye on the skies, Internet forecasts and current broadcasts?

A+ Weather Solution: Call our weather consultants to ask questions before canceling or postponing an event to ensure the safety of everyone outside.

Result: Patrons, players and staff are safer when you depend on the A+ Weather Team to keep you ahead of the storm.

Schools/Campusesback to top

Key Problem: Students and parents as well as faculty and staff expect you to rely on more than radar images, local broadcasts and Internet forecasts to decide whether to send the buses onto slippery roads or to cancel a much–anticipated campus event. Who can you rely on to inform you when, where and how the weather will impact your area so you can make appropriate safety decisions?

A+ Weather Solution: Our experienced meteorologists prepare precise forecasts with storm totals, pavement temperatures and specific timing for your district to supply you with the information you need to determine hazardous road conditions. With attention to detail around the clock, we deliver advanced heat, wind chill warnings and ozone alerts via text message through A+ Weather Alerts to guarantee you're prepared when outdoor conditions present a dangerous situation.

Result: Consulting with our meteorologists when snow is expected will heighten your confidence when making decisions about school closings or delays. Keeping ahead of the weather increases safety, and when it comes to your students, safety is key.

Storm Waterback to top

Key Problem: Interpreting radar for storm duration and intensity can be misleading and costly. How do you know when to set up the barricades or open the Emergency Operations Center? Who can you depend on for accurate information to decide when to take action?

A+ Weather Solution: Our experienced meteorologists utilize more than just radar to accurately predict precipitation intensity, duration, amounts and its affect on creeks, rivers and roads. With A+ Weather Alerts , you choose the precipitation thresholds that trigger notifications only when rain amounts are expected to be at a level of concern relative to your operation. Through Weather or Not's A+ Weather Consulting , you have the ability to discuss the storm's potential with our meteorologists before making costly decisions.

Result: Less time speculating means more time devoted to strategizing on how to manage the incoming storm.

Snow Removalback to top

Key Problem: At 8:00 a.m. your supervisor overheard that the looming clouds wouldn't form a large storm. By noon, the snow is starting to pile up. Where do you turn to find out how much snow will accumulate, and to get accurate information to decide where to send your crews and materials first?

A+ Weather Solution: Weather or Not's custom forecasts include a specific description of each winter storm system and how it will impact your areas of concern. We'll deliver precipitation types, durations, accumulations and pavement temperatures. With our critical weather texts , you can adjust settings for the needs of different supervisors and locations. Detailed updates sent by our meteorologists 24/7 ensure you won't miss a storm.

Result: Being in the right place at the right time will minimize costs, maximize profits and ensure your customer's satisfaction.


Roofingback to top

Key Problem: Is the rain going to hit or miss my job site? When can I expect the storm to reach my location? Can I tear off at a different location to keep my crews working ahead of the storm?

A+ Weather Solution: Precipitation start times, end times and amounts are included in our accurate forecasts and updates to help you plan around the weather and make the most of your time. With A+ Weather Alerts , choose multiple locations so each job–site is accurately covered, or Consult with our meteorologists for direct answers to your questions.

Result: Partner with our meteorologists to increase profits and productivity for your business.

Corporate Facilities/Property Managersback to top

Problem: Clicking through Internet reports and channel surfing for weather forecasts can cause confusion about how storms will affect your facility. Do you call in or call off your contractors? Should you keep your grounds crew overnight? One wrong decision could end up squandering thousands of dollars or lead to a slip and fall on your property.

A+ Weather Solution: Custom forecasts developed by our meteorologists provide pavement temperatures and winter storm precipitation types, duration and accumulations. The ability to consult with our meteorologists 24/7 ensures that you will be aware of and prepared for any type of weather that may affect your property.

Result: Protect your company's assets and liabilities with reliable, cost–effective weather information delivered directly to you when and how you decide.

Airportsback to top

Problem:A storm is headed your way. How long will it last? Should you apply chemicals? Call in the contractors? Tie down the planes?

A+ Weather Solution: Have the answers with our accurate weather forecasts and alerts developed specifically for your airport. Alerts for wind, hail, thunderstorms, ice, snow and sleet along with precipitation start and end times, duration and accumulations help you decide proper treatments for runways, taxiways and walkways.

Result: Minimize weather related mishaps by Consulting with our meteorologists to save money on materials and labor while increasing safety for your airport.

Major League Baseball/Athleticsback to top

Problem: A stadium full of fans and players on the field are waiting to hear if it's just a rain delay or a complete cancellation. You're worried whether to cover the field or leave it open. Who's going to help you make the call?

A+ Weather Solution: Weather or Not provides precise rain forecasts which include amounts, start and end times and intensity so you'll know how to react before inclement weather heads your way. Our state–of–the–art alerts help you determine whether to keep players on the field and fans in the stands or if it's critical to clear everyone out.

Result: Maintain excellent field conditions while keeping players, fans and staff safe with our custom weather information.