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Weather Forecasting for Your Business

  • Proven Accuracy: 25 years of experience forecasting Midwest weather gives Weather or Not's meteorologists an edge that matters to clients who make important weather related decisions. Since 1993, our client renewal rate has remained above 95%.
  • Instant Customization: Customer service is a top priority at Weather or Not. Through custom weather forecasts and consulting, we work around the clock to ensure you get exactly what you need, when you need it. Our A+ Weather team knows that each company works just a little differently, and we modify our approach to fit your needs.
  • Precise Forecasts: Our experienced meteorologists develop accurate weather forecasts and updates by combining years of experience with the latest scientific technology to deliver a personal approach. On-site weather consultants who continuously analyze, monitor and interpret data differentiate Weather or Not from companies that rely solely on computer models.
  • Critical Updates 24/7: Critical updates sent through A+ Weather Alerts keep you up–to–date with the latest severe weather forecasts and information. Speak with our meteorologists to ensure your questions are answered anytime through Weather or Not's weather consulting service.