Radar Alone Can Prove Costly

July 30, 2020

When rain showers approaching the Kansas City Metro kept falling apart yesterday, the radar picture looked promising to road crews, roofers and others planning their outdoor workday.

However, Weather or Not Meteorologist Brandon Burton knew   that isentropic lift, a mechanism of the atmosphere that helps turn moisture into rain and storms, could quickly change those dry skies from great working conditions to costly, shut down soakers.

Taking Action to Save Clients’ Projects

Satellite images of developing clouds along with upper tilt views of Topeka radar confirmed he had the physical evidence that rain, including downpours, would wash outdoor work away.

And that’s exactly what happened!

He notified our clients through Weather or Not’s exclusive A+ Weather Alerts and in phone conversations that rain and storms would soon be overhead.

Business Decision Support

These are the days that make or break a contractor’s budget.  Anybody can look at a weather app but it pays to have an experienced meteorologist who’s watching your project and can help you know when to chance it or when you need to re-plan the day.

Even though this rain was in our forecast, a blank radar might have tempted contractors into making a costly bad decision. That’s why we have their back with profit saving, timely updates.

Contact sara@weatherornot.com if you want us to have your back too!

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