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November 6, 2017

Johnson County Kansas Gateway Project

More lanes, more ease for the 140,000 motorists on I-435 and a construction project that’s on-time – that’s how we spell s-u-c-c-e-s-s! While some contractors are frustrated rushing to beat the on-set of winter, those on the 2 year I-435 project in Overland Park, KS are wrapping up on schedule for this season!

Despite starting the season with only 12 dry days out of 39 and getting swamped mid-summer with 3 major flooding events totaling 12 – 23 inches of rain, many construction crews were able to squeeze out every dry hour of workable time. This isn’t done by guessing with apps. Smart, seasoned construction professionals use meteorologists like a sub-contractor. If it’s not in their wheelhouse, they contract with the experts.

Owners and managers know that they can’t change the weather but they can change the way weather impacts their business:
-Stealing hours on a day that’s half rainy
-Scheduling concrete only for the dry overnight hours
-Opening a road before rush hour

Strategic operational weather decisions start with project planning several weeks out with Mid-Range Forecasts then gets down to the daily coordination with superintendents every morning before the sun rises and continue up-to-the-minute they shut down. They work in concert with their meteorologists who have their back and do not let their job get caught.

As we have since 1986, Weather or Not’s team of meteorologists will be on the job 24/7 with construction crews on the highway, on the roof or wherever Mother Nature tries to rob them of their profits. When winter sets in, we’ll be performing our annual Weather Operations Audit working with their management to assess this past season to plan even better ways to help crews meet schedules and beat profit projections next season.

What’s your plan? Call us now. We can help!

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